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I really want to build a PFsense router in a small case (Mini-ITX I guess). But I don't want to spend a ton of money on it. I don't really need anything too special. I want to run packet prioritization (QoS or whatever it is called). A caching proxy. It should be able to handle Gigabit speeds. It needs to have decent WiFi built in (no external AP). And it needs to be quiet (no fans if possible

Jun 18, 2010 · What I would like to do is to set up pfSense on the VM server. I want the pfSense VM to serve as a router and firewall for my home network (and if possible a DNS server, if it doesn't have that capability, I can install a separate VM as a DNS server). I would then only use my wifi router as an access point.

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pfSense firewall software is a powerful and highly stable firewall solution. Protect your cloud infrastructure using industry-standard encryption and a full set of features, all at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. pfSense is a popular, state-of-the-art, easy-to-configure open source firewall, VPN, and router …