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Dec 28, 2017 TrustZone | TrustZone for Cortex-M – Arm Developer TrustZone reduces the potential for attack by isolating the critical security firmware and private information, such as secure boot, firmware update, and keys, from the rest of the application. TrustZone technology offers an efficient, system-wide approach to security with … TrustZone technology for ARM v8-M Architecture TrustZone technology enables the processor to be aware of the security states available. Chapter 2 Security This topic describes the security features of the TrustZone technology for ARMv8-M. It also provides examples on different attack scenarios and the ways the TrustZone technology for ARMv8-M can prevent them. Chapter 3 Attribution units

TrustZone is built on Secure and Non-secure worlds that are hardware separated. The partitioning of the two worlds is achieved by hardware logic present in the AMBA bus fabric, peripherals and processors. In order to implement a Secure state in the SoC, trusted software (Trusted OS) needs to be developed to make use of the protected assets.

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GitHub - mesalock-linux/rust-optee-trustzone-sdk: Rust OP

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