Hotspot Shield does not currently offer a discount for new customers. There is a free version that customers can utilize, though it does not have as many features as the premium version. New customers pay an annual fee that equates to $7.99 a month. Aug 01, 2019 · Hotspot Shield VPN Chrome Extension is a virtual private network created by AnchorFree Inc. This security application provides access to websites that are blocked. It also protects users from all kinds of online danger. Hotspot Shield is an excellent product, especially if you pay for a subscription. If you need a free VPN, can keep your bandwidth under 500MB per day, and are willing to sacrifice some privacy Hotspot Shield uses the same encryption standards on all versions of the VPN. This is how Hotspot shield describes that encryption: Turning Hotspot Shield on encrypts all of the traffic between your device and our servers using TLS 1.2 with perfect forward secrecy (ECDHE), 128-bit AES data encryption. تنزيل hotspot shield windows, hotspot shield windows, hotspot shield windows تنزيل مجانًا Hotspot Shield achieved unprecedented results in testing by Ookla staff, actually increasing speed over long-distance connections. All other VPNs Ookla tested decreased download speed by at least 42.5%, while Hotspot Shield increased download speed by over 26.2%.

2015-5-20 · 下载hotspot shield windows, hotspot shield windows, hotspot shield windows 下载免费 cn Windows 互联网 连接 Hotspot shield 下载 Hotspot shield 9.8.7 对于%s Windows AnchorFree 2.7 6 匿名浏览互联网 Advertisement 下载 免费 17.25MB 查看评论 1.3

Hotspot Shield - 维基百科,自由的百科全书 2020-7-14 · Hotspot Shield是由AnchorFree开发的一款免费的高速VPN 代理软件。Hotspot Shield的最初作用是保证网络安全和保护网络隐私,它通过自动搜索Wi-Fi网络来实现加密网络传输。 基于这种特点,Hotspot Shield也可用来作为破网软件,访问受到屏蔽的网站,有时速度上不够快。 下载 Hotspot Shield 9.6.5 Free – Windows – … Hotspot Shield –一种用于在Internet上保护连接和保护Web会话的软件。任何在线操作的机密性都是通过更改用户的IP地址来实现的。

Jul 17, 2020 · Hotspot Shield Premium is the commercial edition of the hugely popular ad-sponsored VPN service.. Paying to upgrade gets rid of the ads and gives you unlimited data transfer and full access to all