Sep 10, 2014

Believe it or not, Wi-Fi and internet are two different Cellular internet is generally expensive because it tends to come with monthly data caps and customers have to pay more than the fixed monthly cost when they go over the allowance. This type of Can the Internet Ever Be Free of Charge? - Make Tech Easier Apr 20, 2015 5 steps to get the internet to all Americans

Apr 20, 2015

Access to Internet is a public benefit. It should be

Nov 27, 2017

ELI5: Why do we pay for internet connection when you pay for internet you are paying to use thier (the ISP's) infrastructure to send data to the outside world. Kind of like how, sure you have a faucet, but that doesnt mean you have water. you need to pay for the water from the utility company. Internet access and broadband | nidirect Broadband internet services are usually provided over a standard telephone line. However, the phone and internet signals are separated - so you can use your phone at the same time as the internet. Broadband gives you much faster access to the internet, allowing you … Forget Net Neutrality: Why Are Americans Getting Screwed May 13, 2014