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Pairing dualshock 3 to iphone 6 - Apple Community Jun 06, 2017 How to connect my iPhone to my PS3 - Quora It depends on your goal. Use your existing iPhone cable to connect the iPhone to one of the PS3’s USB ports. It will charge the iPhone. Various apps support using the iPhone as a controller for the PS3 version of their app, such as Netfllix or You How to Connect a PS3 Controller to a PC - Lifewire

Nov 02, 2015

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Pair a Bluetooth Headset or Device with a PS3 system

Jul 24, 2012 Can You Play PS3 Games On PS4? - This is when a console allows you to play games from consoles in a previous generation. If a console supports this, it can allow you to consolidate the consoles you own, and save a lot of time instead of switching back and forth to play certain games. The PS2 did this for PS1 games, and early versions of the PS3 were backwards compatible for PS2. How to Connect PS4 Controller to iPhone (iOS 13) | Beebom Aug 01, 2019