The normal backup process is saved in the iTunes and this backup process is not encrypted by default. If you want to encrypt iPhone backup password automatically in the iCloud, you must choose the encryption option from the given options while backing up the files. What to Do When You Forgot Encrypted iPhone Backup Password?

If you encrypt an iPhone / iPod / iPad backup and forget your password, you won't be able to restore or read backup, and your data will be unrecoverable. Make sure it's a password you will remember, or write it down for safekeeping. ⚠️ We've got a guide on recovering forgotten backup passwords . Backup content. iOS backups are made in a specific format set by Apple. iMazing cannot control the backup process itself. Backups do not include your iTunes Media Library (Music, iTunes U, Podcasts, Ringtones, Books and Movies synced or purchased on iTunes), so that data will not be included and should be synced separately if needed. Dec 12, 2018 · Part 2: Best way to encrypt iPhone backup; Part 1. Encrypt iPhone Backup via iTunes. For iPhone users, you should be familiar with iTunes, which can back up and recover iPhone data. What is more, you can also use iTunes to encrypt iPhone backup on computer. Actually, it is so convenient to encrypt iPhone backup files via iTunes with just few steps. You can lock your iPhone so its touch screen doesn’t work. This prevents the iPhone from dialing phone numbers, playing music, or doing anything else when it’s in your pocket, rubbing against your pants, or in your purse making contact with keys and other stuff. Apple makes locking your iPhone a snap. In fact, you … Dec 28, 2019 · From here you can click Backup Now and below that there is a checkbox for Encrypt iPhone Backup. Tick the box if you wish to set up a password Create a password that you would most likely remember.

Oct 26, 2018 · what does encrypt backup on itunes mean how do i encrypt my itunes backup what does encrypt iphone backup on itunes mean itunes wont let me uncheck encrypt iphone backup

How does iCloud factor in? Another topic that's come up in the battle between the FBI and Apple is what data stored in an iCloud backup of an iOS can and cannot be accessed by Apple. It's not just petty criminals after your iPhone, it might one day also be the feds. And they won't go to Apple, they'll come straight to you. Since the introduction of iOS 8 almost a year ago

Apr 14, 2014 · You should back up all of your data files and encrypt the sensitive ones that you don’t want other people to read. But that doesn’t mean you have to encrypt the backup.

Let's look at how to fix it, and what it means. The short version is that your iPhone is defaulting to take a regular backup of its content to the iCloud. This is really handy in case you ever lose or break your phone; you’ll be able to restore your data to a new device. Apple does a great job of securing the contents of your phone. No matter you forgot iPhone backup password or don't know the backup password, it is impossible to directly turn off encrypt iPhone backup option without password. But if the iPhone backup password can be found, it will be different and you can uncheck encrypt iPhone backup at any time in a general way. Once you can unlock your iPhone back up and recover the password, you should be able to use the password to uncheck encrypt iPhone backup on iTunes. Now follow the steps here below: Download and install Tenorshare 4uKey - iTunes Backup on your computer. Consequently, when you restore your iPhone from an unencrypted backup, you have to re-login or re-enter all passwords to all apps on the iPhone. A restore from an encrypted backup does not require such a hassle. This is the more common reason that people choose to encrypt their iPhone backups, not because they are worried about security. Cheers