Jul 04, 2019

Leaks – Does VPN.ac leak IP, DNS, WebRTC? Thanks to the built-in leak protection and the fact that VPN.ac uses its own DNS servers, it is leak proof from pretty much every angle. Even after conducting multiple tests, VPN.ac managed to not leak my IP, WebRTC or DNS. How To Ensure Your DNS Isn't Leaking While Using A VPN Perform A DNS Leak Test. DNS is the “domain name service” that is required to use internet. It translates a domain name (e.g. “Amazon.Com”) into a IP address (e.g. “”). When using a VPN, do a DNS leak test to make sure that you are not revealing your ISP name servers (your ISP is the company giving you access to the VPN.ac Review & Tests: Fast, Private & Works with Netflix

Jan 03, 2020

How to check for DNS leaks? - Knowledgebase - vpn.ac To solve potential DNS leaks, setup your DNS server manually instead of getting it via DHCP and use 3rd party public DNS services. Note that our client software has built-in DNS leak prevention. On Windows:

OpenVPN won't assign server's DNS resolver(s) if you run it from terminal. This is a known behavior and until OpenVPN developers fix it, you have to run an external script to assign the DNS resolvers once the tunnel is connected, and revert when disconnected. This should work on Ubuntu, Debian, and any Debian based distros. Step 1

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