Why I Finally Decided to Delete My Facebook Account

Why Is Delete Facebook Trending? It's All Because of Mark Twitter users are now calling for people to delete Facebook. In response to his statement, users are calling Mark out for being a fraud because Facebook has censored content in the past, including anti-Trump videos. Some have also gone as far as to share their own experiences with the social network, explaining how they were censored for 13 Reasons Why You Should Delete Your Facebook - E! Online 13 Reasons Why You Should Delete Your Facebook We know you love the creep, but it's time to let go. By John Boone Jul 10, 2014 8:51 PM Tags. Facebook E! Loves Technology. Facebook.

Why & How I Finally Deleted Facebook & Instagram

Facebook® has been hailed by many as the best online social networking service, enabling its users to connect with each other, and instantly exchange messages, post photos and receive and post status updates, with relative ease. However, in the past few years, numerous studies have been conducted showing a correlation between social media and divorce. Presuming that these studies are accurate The Cambridge Analytica story and the company’s immediate response was the main factor in why I decided to delete my Facebook and Instagram accounts, but it wasn’t—I’m not entirely ashamed

2018-3-21 · Why Leaving Facebook Doesn’t Always Mean Quitting In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which data from over 50 million Facebook …

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